Western Blooming Rose Cactus Skull Shower Curtain

If you are a fan of skull designs with a western or southwestern flair, then this blooming rose, cactus skull shower curtain may be for you.

This is a 71×74-inch skull themed shower curtain with a 12-button hole style top ready to receive your coordinating shower curtain hooks or rings, rod and liner.

Cactus Flower Skull Shower Curtain

  1. The artist has layered images in a collage-style design inspired by western and southwestern themes. The outer ring of the design features digital images of yellow daisies and sunflowers followed by barrel cactus, beavertail cactus and other succulents. The center is occupied by a giant red blooming rose, overlaid by a ring of smiling skull heads.
  2. Detailing in this dimensional design is crisp and clean and will make a bright addition to the bathroom of any skull fan who enjoys western and southwestern themes.
  3. The shower curtain is showcased in shades of red, gold, rust, gray, black, white and green providing a neutral to warm color palette for coordinating with other bathroom accessories.
  4. To take full advantage of this unique western design, you will want to keep the liner in your tub with the full curtain hanging out of the tub.

Western Cactus Skull Shower Curtain Design

Skull Shower Curtain Fabric and Care

  1. Made from water resistant 100% polyester microfiber, this shower curtain should be machine washed in cold water with a mild detergent.
  2. Avoid bleach, hot water and high heat dryer settings that can damage the fabric fiber and its water resistant properties.
  3. The polyester fabric is naturally resistant to mildew and hard water deposits so it looks sharp longer.
  4. The shower curtain fabric is infused with a moisture repelling 3M technology that is stain and water resistant keeping the fabric looking newer, longer.
  5. Water “resistant”, however, means it is not waterproof and will require a shower curtain liner provided by you.

Helpful Ordering Information

  1. Cactus Skull MugThis is a premium, collage-style, western themed shower curtain that is not available in stores and only available for purchase online.
  2. As premium skull decor, this shower curtain is made to order in the USA and ships within 3 to 5 business days.
  3. Shower curtain liner, rings or hooks and shower curtain rod are not included.
  4. All US orders ship via the United States Postal Service and will arrive within 2 to 8 days of shipping — depending on your location. International shipping options are also available.
  5. This same western cactus print is available in other skull home decor through the link below.
  6. Pricing is based on the skull merchandise you choose and has not been determined by our review website.