Ancient Aztec Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Rug

This premium 3×5 foot Day of the Dead rug combines both ancient Aztec and Mexican cultures in a unique sugar skull design that will make a dramatic impact when added to any open floor space.

Sugar skulls have been one of the most sought after symbols in universal decor for ages and the popularity of different sugar skull designs translate into adaptable styles that can work in the dynamic of just about any home.

The many color representations and element variations make the designs eccentric yet inviting in expressing a personal sense of style.

Day of the Dead Aztec Rug Design

  1. This artisan design features a the face of a woman with sugar skull painted features wearing an elaborate headdress featuring a skull with arms wrapped around her face and presenting a rose.
  2. The artist has incorporated elements of an ancient Aztec headdress in this design. They were only worn by nobility and warriors and not permitted for wear by the average citizen. Headdresses usually formed a disc using symbols like a skull shape that were said to represent the universe and the sky. They were also decorated with feathers to distinguish the wearer for bravery or for status and because birds were revered for their ability to fly up to the Sun God.
  3. This design includes hummingbirds, a human heart, skulls, serpents, warrior faces, feathers, medallions and roses in subtle colors. Shades of teal green, dusty rose, terracotta, gold, bronze and bisque stand out on a stark black background. Detailing is crisp and clean.
  4. This dimensional design finishes with a slight “chevron” pattern to the rug fibers giving this throw rug a rich appearance.

Ancient Aztec Design Sugar Skull Rug

Dia de los Muertos Rug Material and Care

  1. This 3-foot by 5-foot rug is made from 100 percent woven polyester fibers for high durability, long wear and easy maintenance.
  2. Simple vacuuming will remove most surface dust and dirt. Polyester fibers are dirt and stain resistant because dirt will settle around the fiber instead of being absorbed by them like wool or cotton.
  3. Spills can be easily blotted or carpet and rug cleaners that are safe for synthetic fibers can be used.
  4. This Day of the Dead area rug is machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent.
  5. It should be air dried or tumble dried on low heat.

Ordering Information and Options

  1. This is rug made in the USA and is not available in any big box retailer. As a premium artisan design, it is only available to buy online and is made to order. Rugs ship in just 3 to 5 business days.
  2. The rug comes in 2×3, 3×5 and 4×6 foot sizes that will accommodate open floor space in just about any room.
  3. Pricing will be based on the size rug you select and has not been determined by this sugar skull website.
  4. This same Day of the Dead fabric pattern is also available as artwork, a throw pillow, duvet cover, shower curtain and other options through the link below.